Advice for DJ’s and producers for downloading new music

Someone asked me today if I knew of any good web addresses for getting new music with which to mix or produce. I didn’t give them what they asked for. Give a person a fish and they’ll eat for a day, but teach them how to fish and they’ll eat for a lifetime. So here’s some ways to source your own new music.

As always, make sure to buy the tracks you find if you like and use them, and never use anything copyrighted in a production for which you wouldn’t be willing to go bankrupt.

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Greyhound Together Mashup (Swedish House Mafia vs Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso)

Swedish House Mafia vs Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso

SolarFlare mash-up of “Greyhound” by Swedish House Mafia and “Together” by Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso.

Full MP3 Download link:

Owner of a Milky Way (Mord Fustang vs. Yes) (DJ SolarFlare Mashup)

720p Video Screenshot

Mash-up of “Owner of a Lonely Heart” by Yes and “Milky Way” by Mord Fustang, by SolarFlare (Glenn Davey)

Deadmau5 Creamfields Mixed Bag 2011

Deadmau5 Orange Smile Only Logo

Based on the Deadmau5 Creamfields 2011 Setlist

Mixed by SolarFlare. (Apologies for the low bitrate on a couple of the tracks.)

Track Listing:

  1. Limit Break (Original Mix) – Deadmau5
  2. Some Chords (Original Mix) – Deadmau5
  3. The Reward Is Cheese – Deadmau5 & Jelo
  4. The Reward Is More Cheese (Original Mix) – Deadmau5
  5. Jump Around (Deadmau5 Remix) – House Of Pain
  6. Community Funk (Deadmau5 Remix) – Burufunk, Carbon Community
  7. FML – Deadmau5
  8. Right This Second – Deadmau5
  9. Raise Your Weapon (Feat. Greta Svabo Bech) – Deadmau5
  10. Sofi Needs A Ladder (Feat. SOFI) – Deadmau5
  11. One Trick Pony (Feat. SOFI) – Deadmau5
  12. Moar Ghosts N Stuff – Deadmau5
  13. Ghosts ‘n Stuff (Feat. Rob Swire) (Extended Mix) – Deadmau5
  14. Maths (Original Mix) – Deadmau5
  15. Sometimes Things Get, Whatever – Deadmau5
  16. U and I (Deadmau5 Remix) – Medina

Release date: Apr 28, 2011

SolarFlare – KaPow!

Track listing:

  1. ABC Theme (Remix) – Pendulum
  2. Girls Speak Louder (Miles Dyson’s Breaksfest Perth edit) – Costello
  3. Gotta Get that (Original Mix) – Alex Kidd
  4. Vinyl Junkie – Angel Roman
  5. Shingaling (Tai Jason Remix) – Jean Claude Ades and Vincent Thomas feat. Sam Obernik
  6. Serious (Original Mix) – Jean Elan
  7. X (Felix Cartal House Edit) – Xzibit
  8. Disko Biskit (Original Mix) – Pascal & Pearce
  9. Needles (The Hangover Rework) – Gary Caos
  10. Purple Haze – Benny Benassi Vs Hendrix
  11. Undertaker (Original Mix) – Wolfgang Gartner
  12. HotMaus (Van Halen vs. Deadmau5) – DJ Lobsterdust
  13. Gbay (Original Mix) – Dj Stalker31
  14. Monteczuma (Stereothieves Remix) – IllStM feat. AGAG & NatesH
  15. Like She Does (Bobby Savage Remix) – Scratche & Jessie Pitt
  16. Sin citric – Troublegum
  17. Kazane (Disco of Doom Remix) – Hiroki Esashika
  18. Dansa Med Vapen (Dada Life Remix) – Maskinen
  19. Epic Run (Nobody Moves Remix) – Tits and Clits
  20. Duality (Belzebass Remix) – Slipknot